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I am the unwanted child of a (former) drug dealer and a (former) drug addict. I was born to a teenage mother, 1 out of 7 children, who was born to a mother who was a City/Hot girl before it was glamorized! I switched schools 17 times in between K-12th grade!

I don’t have any childhood friends, a childhood home or any pleasant memories. I never participated in extra-curricular activities and barely went on any field trips because my mother couldn’t afford or her lifestyle would interfere.

I joined the United States Army right out of high school and held corporate roles in sales and leadership where I was very successful but achieving my way through trauma was not the solution and I would later find myself seeking peace.

I’ve been a victim of attempted murder, chronic domestic abuse, sexual assault, MST, racism, nationalism, sexism, and a broken heart more times than I can count.

I understand how all of the pain, trauma, and lack of acceptance or belonging can leave you in a very uncomfortable space!

These happenings, unhealed can become burdens that will follow you to work, to school, as a parent, as a partner, as a man/woman, and as a citizen!

Existing in a world that won’t slow down to notice you, forcing you to push harder and do more, all while continuing to raise the bar on what success looks like is exhausting, I know. It seems unfair but it doesn’t mean the end.

We are all dynamic beings with unique paths in life who cope/react differently, who value different things, and who put sugar or salt and pepper on grits!!

My goal is to open up and sharpen the minds of individuals while also bringing people together for a better understanding so that we may all thrive in this world.

I can’t wait to GROW with you! What are you waiting for?


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